Congressman Chris Smith
Excerpts: General Statement

The stakes this year couldn’t be higher. Our present and future, especially the cherished tomorrows of our children and grandchildren, are at risk as never before. President Obama’s misguided policies are inflicting serious harm on the economic fabric of America.

Even before passage of the budget busting spending unleashed in Obamacare, the President’s own analysis projected a more than doubling of publicly owned debt to a record $19 trillion by 2020. This exponential expansion of U.S. debt is absolutely unnecessary, unsustainable and unconscionable, and it seriously threatens our future.

We need to put a tourniquet on Obama’s reckless spending and reverse this course.

I think the people of our district know that when it comes to passion, faith, and commitment to get the job done no one, I mean no one, fights harder or more effectively than me.

The record clearly shows that I know the ropes and have the lawmaking experience to continue to make a significant difference. When I go to bat for a constituent or a cause, I leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of success.

The empirical record bears this out. The nonpartisan congressional watchdog organization GovTrack monitors lawmaking performance and reports that over the past two decades since they initiated coverage, I rank third among all 435 Members of Congress in the number of laws authored successfully.

Anyone in Congress can introduce a bill, but turning that bill into a law is another thing altogether, requiring diligence and skill. I’ve written laws that help the people of New Jersey and our nation, including laws to protect children from sexual abuse, enhance veterans health care and education, combat human trafficking, help autistic children and others suffering disability, promote human rights, create new benefits and support for caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s disease, and establish a nationwide umbilical cord blood stem cell program to cure diseases and more.

In April of this year, I was both humbled and honored when New Jersey Monthly Magazine selected me for its Best of New Jersey edition and said: “His can–do attitude often sets Smith apart from his colleagues in gridlocked D.C.”

When it comes to helping individuals as well as our local townships and the state with problems they are experiencing with the federal government, my staff and I work tirelessly for the best possible outcome. Saving Navy Lakehurst’s 3,000 New Jersey jobs from closure, establishing three veterans clinics in central New Jersey, winning federal dollars for Superfund cleanup, beach protection, roadway improvements, transit projects and flood assistance are just a few of the hundreds of local projects I have successfully championed.

As the dean of the New Jersey delegation, I led New Jersey’s successful fights ensuring that we receive more federal funding for homeland security based on risk assessment. I also worked to get needed federal funding for a NJ Civil Support Team to deploy rapidly and assist local first responders in the event of a biological or chemical attack.

My hard work ethic was recognized this year when the independent periodical Congressional Quarterly said, “his willingness to regularly devote 12–hour days to his work, one of the Houses most effective constituent-service centers and a reputation untarnished by scandal have kept him popular in a solidly Democratic state.” (Politics in America 2010 edition)

I know that tax relief is essential to spur economic growth, create jobs, assist families, and ensure that people retain more of their hard earned pay. Thus, when it comes to fighting tax increases and pushing legislative proposals to boost the economy and private sector job creation, my record is long and deep. For instance:

  • I voted to create the Bush tax cuts and voted an additional 32 times to extend them or make them permanent
  • I have voted well over 100 times for a federal balanced budget amendment, a line item veto, and/or legislation to lower tax rates, expand credits and cut capital gains taxes to encourage job creation, growth and investment.

I voted for the historic Reagan Economic Recovery Act of 1981, and the 1986 Tax Reform Act.

I voted no on the 1990 Bush I tax increase and the 1993 record-breaking Clinton tax hike.

I voted against the 2008 Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), the $700 billion bank bailout that has put hardworking, honest taxpayers on the hook for a credit debacle that was no fault of our own.

I voted against the Obama $787 billion so-called stimulus package and Stimulus II, more reckless spending that has put the US further in debt with no results or creation of the promised jobs.

I also voted against Obamacare, I spoke three times in the debate and held five press conferences pointing out that Obamacare slashes Medicare funding for the elderly and disabled, raises taxes, will worsen the deficit, expands taxpayer support for abortion, imposes a large unfunded liability on states with the establishment in 2014 of state health insurance exchanges and will quickly lead to rationing.

Regrettably, government takeover of health care in America has indeed arrived but it need not be forever. I am a co–sponsor of legislation to repeal Obamacare and I believe our resolve must be serious and sustainable. We must be in this for the long haul.

So the upcoming congressional elections may be our last chance to begin reversing Obamacare, stop unbridled runaway spending, explosive government growth, job destroying tax increases, weak and ineffective foreign policy, and the deceitful promotion of abortion here at home and overseas.

Elected along with President Reagan in 1980, I was a part of the first Reagan Revolution. We slashed the tax burden on American families, ended the cold war, and helped businesses create more than 18 million jobs the largest peacetime expansion of jobs in history.

I believe that a second Reagan Revolution is within our grasp so long as we are smart and tenacious and disciplined in our tactics. The hope that voters had in 2008 for positive change has been replaced by fear and trepidation for the future.

Despite recent setbacks, I remain deeply optimistic and convinced that our best days are still ahead, provided we all play our part. Quitting simply isn’t an option.

The dream that was once America — a strong economy with secure jobs, reward for hard work and prudent risk taking, equal opportunity, home ownership, excellence in education, empathy for the weak and disenfranchised, respect for fundamental freedoms and basic human rights — must be rescued and restored.

It starts with the dream but it can’t end there. The American people have a voice and have a vote and I hope to continue representing those who want to freely pursue the American dream. We don’t have a moment to lose, as Churchill said, we must take our place in life’s fighting line.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity I have been given to serve the people of New Jersey’s Fourth Congressional District in the US Congress. It is an honor and privilege I have not and will never take for granted.

I enjoy the rigors of a campaign, meeting tens of thousands of people, listening to their opinions, writing and giving speeches, and the fast pace of grappling with and solving local problems.

I have done my best and have won on so many occasions fighting for New Jersey. I want to keep working hard and providing the honest, transparent and ethical service our citizens expect and deserve.

I respectfully request the support of voters across New Jerseys Fourth District in the 2010 congressional election.

Chris Smith
For The People
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